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Tuesday, January 27th

Science 8 

QUIZ on section 4.1 next class
Journal work p.144-147, 148-149

Science 10 

Quiz - 9.1
Foldable notes p.393-395
RC p.395
Activity 9-2B

Biology 12

Review Class

Learning Outcomes - available in your journal handout

Test question (from written section)

An experiment was conducted to measure the effects of the presence of thyroxin and temperature on oxygen use in human tissue cells. Two tissue samples were prepared as shown below:

Sample A: 50 grams of muscle tissue was added to a nutrient solution.
Sample B: 50 grams of muscle tissue was added to a thyroxin and nutrient solution.

Oxygen consumption was measured at various temperatures. The results are shown below.

You will be asked to both graph and analyse the data.