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Wednesday, November 5th

Science 8/10

Please see Mr.Wenzel (Student Teacher)

Biology 12

From last class...this is where your journal should be today...

Make your egg observations today...

Water potential:

There are notes available in the introduction of the lab. The following figures can also aid in understanding of Diffusion & Osmosis. We will be reviewing types of transports in more depth next class.

This is how you should lay out your Osmosis/Water Potential page...

Cell structure & function/Cell Membrane Quiz hints:

MATCHING: Match the terms below to the following descriptions.

ribosomes      nucleolus          plasma (cell) membrane               lysosomes

cell wall         cytoplasm           rough endoplasmic reticulum       Golgi apparatus

nucleus           mitochondria       smooth endoplasmic reticulum      vacuole


The following figure will appear on your quiz.  In addition to this figure, a picture of three solutions (isotonic, hypertonic, hypotonic) will also be present.