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New Biology 12 Term End Schedule

Biology 12: Term End Schedule

November 10, 12
Cell/Cell Membrane Quiz
Flex time (journal work, lab work, workbook study)
Journal Check
Potato Lab due (end of class) - in your own words
Surface Area/Volume Gelatin Lab due (end of class) - in your own words

November 13, 14
Egg conclusion due
Bring questions about term 1 topics for review session

November 17, 18
Term 1 Test

November 19th
Pick up Term 1 Test assessment (needed for reflection)

Tutorial Days - November 20, 21
Bring Term 1 reflection on academics and work habits for one-on-one meetings with me (these meetings are essential as we will use this time to determine your Term 1 grade - based on your portfolio, journals and reflections)

Complete work/quizzes to satisfy any incomplete learning outcomes


If after tutorial days you feel that you could improve on one or more of the learning outcomes...
1. You need to show me a completed journal and workbook
2. Then you can choose to write a written test covering those particular learning outcomes

All redos must be completed by November 25th to be assessed for the Term 1 Report Card. If the redos are completed at a later date, any changes will be reflected in the term 2 reporting period.