Course Calendar

May 9-13

FRIDAY the 13th is a Professional Development Day!

Biology 12 (Tues/Thurs) - due to numerous field trips...

1. Conduct your Inquiry Lab Experiments
2. Practice Quiz
3. Complete Journal Work

Test - May 16th

Lab due - May 18th

Biology 12 Honours

May 9th - Bioethics Project time

DNA, Protein Synthesis & Genetics Test - May 11th to May 19th - This test will be ALL individual. There is no group portion...

Don't forget to bring your completed journal entries to the test (including the GATTACA handout)

Approved Ethical Questions
  1. Should we be allowed to clone dead people? Sunny/Seham
  2. Should parents genetically screen their offspring to enhance the offspring's capabilities? - Krishniel, Erik, Pheodor
  3. Should people be able to silence the extra chromosome of their Down Syndrome child? - Maria, Inaara
  4. Should embryos be allowed to remain outside the womb beyond 14 days (point of survival) to allow for embryonic stem cell research that could lead to the discovery of new medical treatments? - Kobe, Jared, Armaan
  5. Should cloning cattle be permitted to increase beef production? Amanda, Sam
  6. Should we produce lab generated foods? Nick, Juno, Pranav
  7. Should people have the option to choose euthanasia if they find out they have Huntingtons disease? Nikita, Naveena, Emma
  8. Should we hire people based on genetics? Charlotte, Eeziah
  9. Should one be allowed to abort a child when one finds out about a congenital disorder? Sukham, Maliha
  10. Should we recreate extinct animals using their DNA? Ingrid, Herleen
  11. Autism? Freshta
  12. Should people have the option to choose euthanasia if they do early testing for genetic disorders such as Alzheimers that will affect their cognitive abilities?