Course Calendar

January 4-8


Safeway Flyer

Fruits and Vegetables - Buying Guide

Create - My Food Guide

Biology 12 Honours

Osmosis Labs returned
Peer Review of Enzyme Labs
Enzyme AP Questions - Check in Quiz
Review Booklets available

Cellular Respiration Assignment

Enzyme Journal Work - due January 6
Enzyme Lab - Final Draft - due January 8th
Energy & Enzymes Test - January 14th

Enzyme Power Point

Cellular Respiration Power Point

YEAR 2 students - AP Test Preparation Meeting - Friday, January 8th @ Lunch

Biology 12

Digestion Video - Crash Course Introduction

Digestive System journal assignment (cut/paste or draw the organs - label the structures and functions)

William Beaumont Video @ 24:05

Enzyme Power Point

Digestion Power Point