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Friday, October 31st


Science 8/10

Please see Mr.Wenzel (Student Teacher)

Biology 12

From last class...this is where your journal should be today...

Please ask students to weigh the original egg (remove the egg from vinegar carefully, blot dry with paper towel and use electronic scales to record mass). Record mass and draw egg in journals. Ask students to transfer eggs to EITHER a beaker with water or syrup (stir the syrup before pouring). There should be three eggs for each - a total of 6 eggs. They need to label their beaker with a group name and cover with plastic wrap (with the potato lab materials). My previous class placed their beakers on top of the filing cabinets – this class can do the same. We will complete the observations next day.

Water potential:

There are notes available in the introduction of the lab. The following figures can also aid in understanding of Diffusion & Osmosis. We will be reviewing types of transports in more depth next class.

This is how you should lay out your Osmosis/Water Potential page...

Set up potato lab

Students should work in groups of 3-4


1.       Place approx. 10ml of each solution (and water) into 6 different test tubes. The solutions are colour coded, but should still be labelled. (***students need to clean the graduated cylinders and/or beakers after each use & to use a beaker to pour the solutions into the test tubes. Contaminated equipment will greatly influence results)
2.       Use a cork borer (approx. 5mm in inner diameter) to cut 6 potato cylinders of similar size. Do not include any skin on the cylinders.
3.       Determine the mass of each cylinder. Record the mass of each in Table 1.4. Put each cylinder into one of the sucrose solutions. (**Remind students to be careful with recording the precise mass of each cylinder and track which test tube they are being placed in. Inaccurate record keeping will greatly influence results)
4.       Cover the beakers with plastic wrap. Label the test tube rack with the group name and set aside on the back counter.

Work on journal pages (ask students to add information about proteins attached to the cell membrane, permeability, diffusion & osmosis)

These are the next pages to start... (glitter is available on the shelf)

Homework - work on journal pages & egg lab conclusion (to be collected next class)

Important notices…

Cell structures & functions/Cell Membrane Quiz scheduled on November 6th/7th

Review class (come with questions!) on November 10th/11th

TERM TEST scheduled on November 13th/14th