Course Calendar

Tuesday, September 30th

Science 10

- Reviewed Safety & signed contracts
- Reviewed the Scientific Method
- Cut and paste - SM flowchart and diagrams into notebook
- created SM flipchart 

Parts of the SM (Scientific Method):


Homework: Find definitions for each part of the Scientific Method and write on flipchart - glue flipchart into your notebook

Biology 12

- Speed Dating - shared scientific method foldables

- Practiced identifying the parts of the method using Sponge Bob examples
- Each group developed experiments to test a given question - shared answers with the group
- Set up "water" page for collecting research

Homework - finish setting up the "water" page (as seen below) and record notes for the indicated sections. Be ready to share what you find next class.

Describe the 6 properties of water
Define/describe polarity
Describe the chemistry of water

Leave the area on the right (with the green sticky) blank for now.